Stephanie’s Bespoke Bridal Gown.





We love seeing pictures of our KD Bespoke Brides, as wedding season is officially in full swing we are getting the official photographs coming in every day.

Stephanie’s bridal gown story began with an initial consultation in March 2013, Stephanie talked through her dream dress ideas with me. The gown ideas were to be ethereal, dream like and very delicate. We designed the gown with Stephanie’s ideas in mind and used the finest silk chiffon and hand cut lace on a fitted bodice. A bespoke wedding gown can take anything from 12 -20 fittings, what the bride-to-be has to take into account is the design time that goes into each and every detail. At each fitting we can offer new ideas to make the gown even more unique and special to the bride.

Essentially we build the dress from a cotton toile dress, cut a unique pattern and discuss every part of the gown from the hem finish to the fastenings.

You can plan every part of the gown, the wedding ceremony and the style of the day, but what you can’t plan is the weather. When I delivered the dress to Stephanie, she opened the door with one word ” hailstones” . We kept our fingers crossed that she might have been wrong, but on the day of the wedding the weather wasn’t exactly cracking the flags!

In my mind I was panicking as I knew Stephanie’s venue had some stunning outside areas for photographs and her delicate chiffon train might not make it through the day if there were puddles a plenty. But as you can see from these stunning photographs, courtesy of Camilla at Ila Photography, not all is lost if you don’t get the desired weather.

“No miracle… Stephanie was extremely cautious with the dress!!! She may have lost the shoes but the dress was pretty much intact! She was so careful with it!” – Camilla.

I loved this dress, the design process and dressing Stephanie on her wedding day. I hope you love the pictures and the little story.

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