Sarah’s KD Bespoke Bridal gown.


I met Sarah last year when we were in our smaller studio, she came to the consultation to discuss her dream dress. Sarah wouldn’t mind me saying that her inintial idea was to have a full and floaty floor length dress. What I love most about my job is the fact that Bridal gowns change from the first idea and become THE DREAM dress. If you have never had a dress tailor made, never mind a bridal gown then you won’t be aware of the work that goes into a bespoke gown.

Bespoke Bridal gowns begin with a toile, allowing you to see shapes and fit, this could take 2-3 further fittings before it becomes the final gown. Even then Sarah’s gown changed at each and every fitting. From a full circular silk skirt it became a sleek column style dress with a delicate circular georgette overlayer.


Sarah decided on the most delicate French embroidered lace tulle to be the overlay on the bodice and the scalloped edging on the georgette overlay.

Michael&Sarah_054.NEF  Michael&Sarah_050.NEF

Sarah had one last fitting before we packed up her gown ready for her flight to her destination wedding in Cyprus and it was so exciting for us to be part of her preparations. When I am not going to dress the bride on her day I like to keep the KD experience going right up to packing the dress into the bride’s case.


The above picture is one of my personal favourites from Sarah’s wedding album which she kindly shared with me. Sarah had told me about the style of the wedding and she had showed me pictures of the magical venue on the website but you can’t quite visualise how everything will look until you see the final look. The styling of this shot alone is so unique, it looks traditional yet modern. Sarah’s red lipstick and soft kiss curled styled hair looks a vintage dream and surrounded by the cutes page boys and of course her very dapper groom makes this a memorable shot.

10629276_10153149715059552_6593154451059353715_o       Michael&Sarah_009.NEF

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Kirsten Lynch’s Bespoke Bride Album.





If you remember reading Kirsten’s post I did when she got married to Michael you might remember the special detail that Kirsten used to live on the same street of me, we were childhood friends. My mum made and beaded her communion gown and then I asked my mum to bead the bust on her wedding gown.

Kirsten wanted to go 1920’s style, art deco in her wedding gown. We decided on a white silk crepe back satin fabric for the dress which had a 4m train and Swarovski and pearl beading to be done by hand under the bust and around to the back.  The drama of the dress was in the back, carefully draped Swarovski pearls made a stunning detail that lead the eye down to the scooped out back and the full train. Kirsten had a hidden loop to tie the train up when she took to the dancefloor with her little twins, Daisy and Tom.

The one part of the look that didn’t decide on was the veil, this is the exciting part of having a dress designed for you. Towards the end of the bespoke process you can see how the  dress takes shape and veils do depend on the shape, style and detail of the dress. We made a toile veil for Kirsten to try, a toile means a mock-up. We tried the veil long and then trimmed it until it finished at the bottom of the spine. This was the perfect length for the perfect dress.

I dressed Kirsten on the day of her wedding and my mum came along to assist me with steaming and pressing the gown. This was such a special moment for us to be part of, as it is for every day dressing the bride in her gown which has taken months in the planning. But both of knowing Kirsten since we were tiny had extra emotions attached.

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Lucy Gannon’s Bespoke Bride album.











If you follow the blog you will remember Lucy from last summer. Lucy was a childhood friend of my little sister, Jessica and one of my first bespoke brides.  For Lucy’s gown idea she wanted something that was super feminine, had a slight 1950’s feel and details like the chiffon layer and hand finished pearls on the back, that would be unique to Lucy.

Lucy has creative direction and her dress was a reflection of what she asked for, each step of the way we were led by Lucy and discussed all of her needs and wants throughout. I was a guest at Lucy and Richard’s wedding and it was a truly beautiful day from start to finish.

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My weekend in pictures.




I spent my weekend in Amsterdam staying with friends. I have been before but it is always different when you stay with people who live where you are visiting. You are less like a tourist and more like a resident. On Saturday we all ventured off to a field in the middle of nowhere to go to Welcome to the Future. This festival was tiny compared to the giant that is Glastonbury, but it was full of tanned gorgeous Dutch people, all super friendly.

On the last day we spent it wandering the cosmopolitan streets of Amsterdam looking at the flower stalls and canals. I love the fact that we had a completely different experience this time, the bars were so much better when we had someone leading the way. We stayed outside of the centre in a small village in a beautiful Grand Designs-esque house which was the perfect tranquil escape after a day at a festival.



I must admit though, I have two of Jessica Doyle’s printed silk kimono’s that are perfect for city breaks/festivals/cover-ups these were the perfect wardrobe staple for a warm weekend away. It is always difficult trying to predict what people are going to wear when you go to a new city, styles and trends constantly evolve. These silk pieces are an easy accessory to a black body con dress and my nike pumps for day time exploring.



What did you get up to last weekend?

Karen Key’s Bespoke Bride album.



Each piece of French leavers lace was hand stitched onto the back of the dress with over 100 silk covered buttons sewn from the top to the hem of the dress.


The French lace was trimmed off the original fabric and we made a new pattern to sew on to the silk tulle veil.


This photograph from Karen’s wedding shows off the hand finished detail that went into the dress. From the scalloped edging on the hem to the silk covered buttons. Every single detail was discussed with Karen from the design concept to the final fitting.

“We had a fab day on Saturday and everyone loved my dress I was so happy with it, thank you so much.”

Final photograph by C2 Photography and Design.

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