SUPER FLASH FRIDAY – receive before Christmas.


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So you have your eye on the KD Dress and you know which shoes you are wearing and what night out it the outfit will be launched onto the unsuspecting public. You know how this will work – looking fabulous, that’s the easy part. But will it be here before Christmas?


We are guaranteeing Christmas delivery. We have spoken to our friends at Royal Mail and their elves will be delivering items right up until Christmas eve. All of our KD items are delivered via Royal Mail Special Delivery which is tracked and traced all the way to your door! Any more queries on delivery then email the team, we are online all day to help!



Let me tell you a secret.. (from bumptown)


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Last minute dinner plans at 7 months pregnant mean two things;

a. what to wear?

b. how to wear it?

Seriously though, pre-pregnancy it was a case of picking up the first dress you found and throwing on a pair of killer heels. Now it takes a touch more thought. The key for me now (personally) is the underwear, it is so important for me to feel supported and streamlined. I know streamlined isn’t the best word to use to describe one’s figure but when you have new lumps and bumps (major bumps) it is difficult finding comfortable shape wear that makes you feel good.

I had a five minute lunchbreak and after running round John Lewis, to be sorely disappointed with absolutely NO pregnancy shapewear I went to Debenhams to be told again they DON’T have the pregnancy Spanx I was searching for. Dire.

I knew I only had the Oceane Dress to wear for my outing so I wasn’t leaving the store without some sort of under garment. I found the Shaping Slip in the colour Natural. I took a risk and went for the bra size I thought I was and came back to work. When I tried on the slip I would highly recommend snipping the elastic that goes around the hem to give you a bit more room to move, but apart from that this was a revelation.

The slip supported by back, gave great bust support and no VPL’s. All in all a great product, the stretch around the bump was fantastic and everything felt really secure.

When recommending shape wear to customers, especially Bridesmaids I don’t care if you are size 6 or 16 shaping lingerie is so important as it should give the illusion that you have nothing on underneath the dress and that the lines are completely smooth. (No VPL.)

The Oceane Dress is a dream to wear, both pregnant and not. It is made from a stretch scuba jersey, it pulls on over the head and has a sneaky side split. This is the perfect Christmas party dress for #KDGIRLS in any shape and a snip at £110.

Make this your best SALE buy.




This month’s Vogue Spy was on the “Bustier Dress”.

“Like a beguiling David lynch heroine, the bustier dress stands out as the season’s mysterious seductress.” Vogue

Pick up one of these structured bustier dresses from Kirsty Doyle  for a snip of the price. Wear the Allanah Dress with a structured black blazer and a statement necklace for a perfect day/night outfit in the Autumn. Team the Raya with a structured coat and a leather box bag. For AW13 we have seen lots of pastel pink oversized coats and chunky knits from Dior and Rochas, this cocktail length dress is versatile and can be worn with any of the candy pink shades seen on the catwalk.


Where we are going.

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Today has been spent mainly researching. Some days you need to put down the pins and turn the sewing machines off. I am in the studio alone today and have been looking through current trends in online shopping. I never thought I would be excited by online shopping; I don’t get to meet the customer, share a joke or play dressing up. I imagined the online shopping experience to be quite dull. However with our online shop that is now the first port of call for most of our customers new and old, so I have decided to make it like our shop was.

When I had the shop in Liverpool One people would come in and we could catch up and try things on, if I wasn’t in people would pop their head in and ask if I was about, if not they would come by again when I was. The reason was I knew what my customers liked and didn’t like, I knew whether they were a high heeled gal or more of a ponytail and ballet pumps person.

The trend in online shopping is all about the customer experience, my dad always said what made my shop different was me. As full of ego as that sounds he means a personal touch, being able to speak to the designer directly and alter things to suit themselves. He said “you can’t go into DKNY and speak to Donna Karen”.

The next stage of the e-store development will be style talks on how to wear different pieces; should it be opaques or bare legs, stiletto or ankle straps – what makes the leg look better. Little tips that you would normally discuss with the in-store stylists. We have a YouTube channel and we will be putting the videos on here, the Facebook page and twitter as well as the website front page.

I am keen to see how you all react to these little styling vids.

DecodedFashion is Bringing the power of Tech to Fashion + Retail leaders around the world. I was following this earlier on twitter and go so excited about the fact that shops will soon become just a showroom for products as most people will shop online in the future.

Some tweets from the timeline #dflondon

“Nobody needs anything really, you have to make them want it.”@jc7777 on emotive content. #dflondon

Simple but nice thought from @erinfashion – online experiences need to be aspirational and inspirational not just about selling #dflondon


Edwardian Wedding Gowns – inspirational.

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What better way of spending a soggy Saturday afternoon than rifling through REAL Edwardian wedding gowns. The details was unbelievable and sadly my photographs from iPhone do not do them justice. The soft drapes and shapes, tassels and beading were inspirational.

I would love to go and visit this collectors/buyers house to really go through the fine details of these gowns.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend and find something inspirational to do or see.


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So if you follow us on FB you may have seen the group for the hoedown –

Myself, mum and sister are going to Cambodia to work with street children and share our creative skills with them this coming January. So we decided to do a HOEDOWN. We have never been to a hoedown or put on a charity event of this scale so its all pretty exciting!

As soon as we put it out there we got tonnes of donations and a very kind group called Craft Creative have been supporting the event. – go on their site to see all of the things they offer, including hen party ideas and workshops.

 How amazing is this Kissing booth they made for the HOEDOWN!!

As you can see the quality of their work is fabulous.

The full list of Raffle Prizes for the HOEDOWN is:

MAC Make-up voucher

Saints Hairdressing Voucher

Peaches and Cream Make-up voucher

Eyebrow tidy at Lisa’s

A make-up class with Hannah Ellen Eaton

Voucher for Andrew Collinge

The full list of items for the Auction is:

Kirsty Doyle Dress

Dinner for 2 at the Living Room Liverpool


We may have more to announce tomorrow!

The HOEDOWN is on Thursday this week and starts around 7pm. We have a full band, face painting and cakes! We will be selling cowboy hats and neckerchiefs to complete your cowboy/girl look.

I would love to see you all there!