Jessica goes to the BBC.

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I don’t know if you know but Jessica is on the train to London to appear on the One Show this evening. She is going to share her bread baking skills with the world .. and Chris Evans. She was up at the crack of dawn making bread and mince pies to take with her. Under the watchful eye of Ruby I did a quick taste test on the mince pies whilst Jessica got changed into her Rita Dress. ( ).

Jessica is going to talk about a community bakery that she has been volunteering at for 18 months – they need to raise £13,000 to buy an oven so they can be a functional working bakery selling home baked products to the community. If you want to know more watch this video:

An oven at the heart of Anfield.

Make sure you are watching BBC 1 at 7pm this evening to find out what Chris Evans is like and more importantly if she wears the Rita Dress.