Diary of a dress – Melanie’s KD Bridal gown.


Melanie has been featured in two previous blog posts, but what I really wanted you to see was that her gown can be worn 4 different ways.

mel bride 5                                             mel bride 3

Step one: As you can see from the pictures she began with a hand finished lace cocktail dress.

Step two: Place on the tulle belt with a scalloped lace finish to create a unique short bridal option. 

                    mel bride 4                 

Step three: Attach the crepe fishtail under the cocktail dress.

Step four: Attach tulle belt on top for maximum effect.

mel bride 6


(With hindsight I should have taken my profesh camera but I only had my iphone – so please excuse the photograph quality..)

The staircase in the stunning Chester Grosvenor made for the perfect impromptu shoot location as we snapped away before her wedding party, the staircase showed the train of the gown spectactularly well. The Dress was created in parts because of Mel’s wedding destination (Cyprus), thinking about the possible heat on the day it was important to consider being able to take parts of the the dress off to make the dress comfortable. When desgining a dress from scratch you can make all of these decisions to make sure you (the bride, the most important person) get exactly what you wish for.

After dressing Melanie and getting all of my kit back in the car I received this ” Thank you so much. I feel a million dollars”. Now if that doesn’t make me love my job, I don’t know what would!

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Clare Dorrian’s Bespoke Bride Album.







As part of our new Real Brides section of the blog, I may be featuring brides who you have seen before. If so the reason for the repeat is not just because I love the dresses but because I want to feature the professional images that were captured on the day.

For Clare’s bespoke gown we chose an intricate white french lace with a soft crepe underlayer. Clare wanted something truly unique to her gown and decided on a contemporary tulle layered bustle that could be detached later on in the evening.  The hem and train on the lace dress was finished with a beautiful scalloped edge that added a spanish feel to this stunning gown.

The full look was finished with a tulle short veil made from the same tulle as the bustle.

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Photography by Bill Corris.

The story of Tracey’s bespoke wedding gown.


Tracey Lally booked her consultation in February to discuss her Bespoke Wedding gown. Tracey’s dream dress was to be a fitted mermaid style gown in french lace tulle with pearl embellishment. The design was decided and the fitting schedule was organised, I was to see her in May for the dress fittings to begin.

A few weeks after the consultation I received a panicked phone call – Tracey had just found out that she was pregnant! This was a first for me, to design a wedding gown around a baby bump, I have designed bespoke bridesmaids dresses for expectant mothers but not a wedding dress. Tracey came into the studio and the excitement of her expecting her first little one took over us and we were filled with emotion. I settled her nerves around the dress design and we tried to retain the original idea of a fitted gown in French lace tulle and with the pearl detailing.

We spaced out the fittings so we would allow the little bump to grow, grouping most of the fittings closer to the date of the wedding. The dress began to take shape in the final month of the fitting schedule with the tailored sleeves, bodice and skirt. We had an emergency panel down the back of the dress just incase there was a little growth spurt. The embroidered lace tulle was stunning, it has a delicate metallic thread which runs through the intricate pattern. This lace tulle was chosen so when the gown was in the sunlight the lace would shimmer under the mediterranean sun, Tracey’s wedding destination of choice was Cyprus.

In the final week before Tracey left for her wedding she was due to see her midwife to make sure she was fit to fly, being 7 months meant she had to get permission. We joked about what we do if she wasn’t granted permission, this beautiful bespoke dress would have no wedding! Happily everything was just perfect. Tracey was one of my most relaxed brides, organising a wedding and expecting your first baby would make most people pour with sweat just thinking about it.  At Tracey’s penultimate fitting the bump was perfectly formed so we were able to tailor the dress around the bump to show off the shape rather than hide it. Most wedding gowns for pregnant women are made from jersey or stretch fabric to allow space for growth but to have a dress tailor made at this stage is the best thing to do as it was made in the most luxurious crepe and lace, no expense spared.

Tracey collected her dress finished and we wished her well!

“Hi Kirsty, dress fit perfectly, Thank you!” – When we got the text from Tracey on the day of the wedding we couldn’t have been happier!


We are so happy we got to share this super special experience with you Tracey and we can’t wait to see pictures of the little one!

Photographs by Wedding photographer Wes Simpson http://www.wessimpsonphotography.co.uk/weddings/

Karen Key’s Bespoke Bride album.



Each piece of French leavers lace was hand stitched onto the back of the dress with over 100 silk covered buttons sewn from the top to the hem of the dress.


The French lace was trimmed off the original fabric and we made a new pattern to sew on to the silk tulle veil.


This photograph from Karen’s wedding shows off the hand finished detail that went into the dress. From the scalloped edging on the hem to the silk covered buttons. Every single detail was discussed with Karen from the design concept to the final fitting.

“We had a fab day on Saturday and everyone loved my dress I was so happy with it, thank you so much.”

Final photograph by C2 Photography and Design.

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Lace… A wedding tradition


Lace wedding dresses have been a favourite among brides for years, it looks elegant and never looks outdated. Along with our lovely bespoke bride Claire, this weekend saw Princess Madeleine of Sweden walk down the aisle in an amazing lace Valentino gown, complete with an amazing veil.



The studio are loving this amazing sketch of the dress.

Lady Natasha Rufus

High Society Weddings: Above Lady Natasha Rufus gets married in a cream lace dress.

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