Sarah’s KD Bespoke Bridal gown.


I met Sarah last year when we were in our smaller studio, she came to the consultation to discuss her dream dress. Sarah wouldn’t mind me saying that her inintial idea was to have a full and floaty floor length dress. What I love most about my job is the fact that Bridal gowns change from the first idea and become THE DREAM dress. If you have never had a dress tailor made, never mind a bridal gown then you won’t be aware of the work that goes into a bespoke gown.

Bespoke Bridal gowns begin with a toile, allowing you to see shapes and fit, this could take 2-3 further fittings before it becomes the final gown. Even then Sarah’s gown changed at each and every fitting. From a full circular silk skirt it became a sleek column style dress with a delicate circular georgette overlayer.


Sarah decided on the most delicate French embroidered lace tulle to be the overlay on the bodice and the scalloped edging on the georgette overlay.

Michael&Sarah_054.NEF  Michael&Sarah_050.NEF

Sarah had one last fitting before we packed up her gown ready for her flight to her destination wedding in Cyprus and it was so exciting for us to be part of her preparations. When I am not going to dress the bride on her day I like to keep the KD experience going right up to packing the dress into the bride’s case.


The above picture is one of my personal favourites from Sarah’s wedding album which she kindly shared with me. Sarah had told me about the style of the wedding and she had showed me pictures of the magical venue on the website but you can’t quite visualise how everything will look until you see the final look. The styling of this shot alone is so unique, it looks traditional yet modern. Sarah’s red lipstick and soft kiss curled styled hair looks a vintage dream and surrounded by the cutes page boys and of course her very dapper groom makes this a memorable shot.

10629276_10153149715059552_6593154451059353715_o       Michael&Sarah_009.NEF

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Juli Abbey’s Bespoke Bride Album.




Let me introduce Juli and her mum Joan to you, Juli was my Christmas bride from 2011. Juli knew what she wanted and I visualised it for her. Soft silk crepe bodice and full circular skirt which got more voluminous as we got more excited by how it glamorous it looked! She wanted something just as fabulous for her mum who was going to giver her away on her special day.  We designed a lace and crepe two piece style dress, every detail was cut and made bespoke for Joan.


“Kirsty you’re a love I’m sure, in fact certain I’ll feel a million dollars on my day and it’ll be down to you.”


This photograph below is my favourite. When I delivered the dress to Juli she had one very last try, we had added extra net and tulle to the underskirt so when she walked the dress twirled like a scene from a 50’s movie, reminiscent of a Marilyn Monroe style moment when the dress is so grand it makes the wearer feel like a film star (even in her living room). You can see the natural happiness in this picture as Juli dances with her new husband her peep-toe(d) feet perfectly poised!



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The diary of a Kirsty Doyle Bespoke Wedding gown.

Studio Loves

In the past 3-4 months I have had countless enquiries from brides-to-be looking for a Kirsty Doyle Bespoke wedding gown. A bespoke customer is looking for something unique and she knows exactly what she wants. I would advise a bespoke customer to get the following things ready for a consultation; images of inspiration- things you like, maybe create a colour palette – shades/tones you want for your final dress and finally good underwear – I will measure you at your consultation in preparation for your toile dress.

What is a toile dress? A toile dress is a practice or mock-up dress, this allows you to see the dress on. You can change straps, bust or shape of skirt, at this stage as it is usually made in cotton. I would advise the bride to wear good underwear, a bra with removable straps and a shoe with a heel similar to that worn on the day. The toile stage of a bespoke gown is really for the bride to visualise her dress, does it need straps, an underskirt or added support?

The toile stage of a bespoke gown could take up to 3 fittings to get right – it is important to be vocal at this stage and make sure you are getting the dream dress you always wanted.

The first fitting in your final fabric gives the bride another exciting milestone in the bespoke wedding gown process, they can feel the fabric of the dress and see how it drapes and moves. Further fittings are included to add details, underskirts and finally just before the big day the dress is lined and finished.

Up until the very end brides can add more underskirts, embellishments and accessories to make their dream dress perfect.

A bespoke dress can take anything from 6 weeks to 8 months depending on the brides timescale. The bride can have a fitting every week or every month, I fit the schedule around the bride. A bespoke wedding gown is something that the bride cherishes forever and can enjoy every fitting as they see their perfect dress being made before them.

As a designer I have loved every wedding dress I have created, to work with a customer for anything up to a year is a very rewarding process. When I dress the bride on her wedding day and see the overall reaction to the dress it fills me with pride and makes realise how special it is to be part of something so precious.

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