Grace’s pastel palette Bespoke Bridesmaids.

KIRSTY DOYLE Bespoke Bridesmaids

We totally heart this set of KD Bespoke Bridesmaids, after we posted a picture of the dresses to our Facebook page we received a tonne of enquiries about our bespoke bridesmaid service that we offer. What is so unique about Grace’s dresses is that she went for the same style for each bridesmaid but had a mixed palette of pastel for her girls to choose from.262

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Grace’s initial idea came from a red carpet style dress but we worked through the design to make the bust not as low and the skirt fuller. Don’t forget at KD for your tailor made bridesmaid dresses you CAN have your dream dress!

Pink, peach, lemon, cream and lilac pastels were all covered but we had space for one more. Step in Grace’s mum who wanted her mother of the bride dress to be super special, she had our missing pastel and chose the mint with a metallic french lace overlay.

What you never know when you are designing a bespoke bridesmaid dress is how it is going to be styled on the big day. What I admired most about Grace’s styling was how she accessorised the dresses, she had jewelled necklaces made by a Liverpool jeweller and the mixed pastel bouquets finished the look perfectly.

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KD Bespoke Bridesmaids for the Murphy girls

KIRSTY DOYLE Bespoke Bridesmaids


Kate & Chris171

I met Emma Murphy and her sister Kate (the bride-to-be) in June last year, they travelled from Staffordshire to meet with me and the tailors to discuss their dream bridesmaid gowns. In total there were 4 adult bridesmaids 1 mini-maid and two flower girls. Kate had chosen the colour emerald but she did have cream as an option. When we looked at the colour range and the time of year for her wedding and Kate and girls decided on a soft sage green.

I love making bespoke bridesmaid’s dresses as I am completely wedding obsessed. “Bespoke” (made-to-measure) means that this lovely lot had to travel up (around 2 hours here and back) to be fitted each time. From a toile to the final gown these dresses were tailored for each girl. As a rule for us, we leave the fittings for the mini-maids and flowergirls closer to the big day as they have a tendency to shoot up! So we didn’t meet the mini-maids in all of their cuteness until the wedding day as their fittings had been carried out by the mother of the bride (super talented).

Kate & Chris183When I arrived in Staffordshire for the dressing of the bridesmaids on the wedding day, the grounds of the household had been prepared ready for the wedding to take place. I was lucky enough to get a sneek peak at the dressed marquee with the bride and groom’s initials in lights on the disco dancefloor. Kate had gone for a chic cream decor with highlights of the same soft sage on the tables.

Kate & Chris303

What I loved about this group of maids was how close they were as a family, the photographer Samantha Jane, has captured this perfectly in her shots of the sisters together. These type of shots capture a moment, a memory of such a special day.

Kate & Chris372

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KD Bespoke Bridesmaids, Kavita’s wedding.

KIRSTY DOYLE Bespoke Bridesmaids

Matthew Rycraft Photography-1 Matthew Rycraft Photography-3 Matthew Rycraft Photography-6


Start today right by looking at these picture perfect bridesmaids dressed in KD Bespoke gowns.

When you first meet a bride and her maids at the consultation it is important to get as much as you can from their initial ideas. Kavita (bride-to-be) wanted fuschia pink as her colour with crystal embellishments on the dresses. The wedding was to have a hint of Bollywood mixed with a dash of glamour, the main colour theme began with the maids and went through to the table settings and floral decorations.

Kavita was based down south and her maids were up in Liverpool so we did some of her fittings via Skype, so she could see exactly where she wanted the crystal detailing to be placed. A real  trend we have noticed in our bridesmaids is to have each skirt part the same and the bodice suited to the bridesmaid. An idea for each bride-to-be to consider is for everyone to feel fabulous but also comfortable (dare I say it), do this is by allowing everyone to choose their own bodice style.

We are loving the finishing touches to this set of bridesmaids, from the bindis to the delicate floral wrist decorations. You can never begin to imagine how each bridesmaid will look once the hair and make-up is perfected and the accessories on. After dressing each bridesmaid and helping them safely into the vintage cars we couldn’t have been happier with finished results!

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Claire Bassnett’s Bespoke Bridesmaids

KIRSTY DOYLE Bespoke Bridesmaids





Claire was a bride to be who knew exactly what she wanted, she had a clear design idea and colour scheme as soon as we met at the beginning of 2013. We decided to meet again with the bridesmaids closer to the wedding date of June 2014. When we met we choose the fabrics and exact lavender shade to match her flowers and decorations.

One of Claire’s bridesmaids flew in from Barcelona especially for her fitting, so this was an international affair! Each bridesmaid had their gowns fitted perfectly to them and we discussed all of the details including the hand pleated organza knots that took the dresses from special to ultra-special. Each hand twisted knot was hand made and sewn onto the dresses to keep them in their place throughout the day.

We love these final shots from Claire’s wedding day as they capture the personality of the bride and her bridesmaids, they look like they had the party that Claire promised it would be!

Photography credits:

Studio 900 Photography

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Charlotte Peacock’s Bespoke Bridesmaid Album

KIRSTY DOYLE Bespoke Bridesmaids

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You may remember if you are avid readers  of the blog that I featured Charlotte Peacock’s bridesmaids before. As part of the Real Brides section of the blog I want to feature the finished pictures from each bespoke bride/bridesmaid in all of their beautiful glory.

I love these pictures as the hair, make-up and accessories all finish each look perfectly. Charlotte kept the make-up feminine and dewy with each girl having a bouncy up do. The jewellery was minimal and the nude Louboutins make the girls legs looks super long!

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Bespoke Bridesmaid – The LD Dresses

KIRSTY DOYLE Bespoke Bridesmaids



The lovely bride Laura sent us a snapshot from her wedding day with her 5 friends dressed in the LD Bridesmaid dresses. The LD draped back, the LD bustier and the LD one shoulder dress in lemon have been a runaway success – they are a firm favourite for brides up and down the country. The tailored shape with fluted mermaid style skirt look is cut to flatter and elongate the body.

They come in a variety of colours but this delicious lemon sorbet shade shimmers in the sunshine.

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Bespoke Bridesmaids… Michelle’s Wedding

KIRSTY DOYLE Bespoke Bridesmaids

Our second fab wedding of this weekend was Michelle’s. Here she is in her Bespoke Bridal by Kirsty Doyle. The gown with its ruffle fishtail skirt, looked stunning on her.

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 15.11.45

Alongside her she had two stunning bridesmaids, both dressed in Kirsty Doyle  LD cowl back and one shoulder style dresses. Custom made in a flattering magenta colour.



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Bespoke Bridesmaid… Frankie

KIRSTY DOYLE Bespoke Bridesmaids

This weekend was a busy one, full of KD weddings, and sunshine. Which was a bonus to an already fantastic weekend. We had a beautiful bride in a KD bespoke gown, and also some stunning bespoke bridesmaids to dress.


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