Let me tell you a secret.. (from bumptown)


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kirsty oceane dress 3

Last minute dinner plans at 7 months pregnant mean two things;

a. what to wear?

b. how to wear it?

Seriously though, pre-pregnancy it was a case of picking up the first dress you found and throwing on a pair of killer heels. Now it takes a touch more thought. The key for me now (personally) is the underwear, it is so important for me to feel supported and streamlined. I know streamlined isn’t the best word to use to describe one’s figure but when you have new lumps and bumps (major bumps) it is difficult finding comfortable shape wear that makes you feel good.

I had a five minute lunchbreak and after running round John Lewis, to be sorely disappointed with absolutely NO pregnancy shapewear I went to Debenhams to be told again they DON’T have the pregnancy Spanx I was searching for. Dire.

I knew I only had the Oceane Dress to wear for my outing so I wasn’t leaving the store without some sort of under garment. I found the Shaping Slip in the colour Natural. I took a risk and went for the bra size I thought I was and came back to work. When I tried on the slip I would highly recommend snipping the elastic that goes around the hem to give you a bit more room to move, but apart from that this was a revelation.

The slip supported by back, gave great bust support and no VPL’s. All in all a great product, the stretch around the bump was fantastic and everything felt really secure.

When recommending shape wear to customers, especially Bridesmaids I don’t care if you are size 6 or 16 shaping lingerie is so important as it should give the illusion that you have nothing on underneath the dress and that the lines are completely smooth. (No VPL.)

The Oceane Dress is a dream to wear, both pregnant and not. It is made from a stretch scuba jersey, it pulls on over the head and has a sneaky side split. This is the perfect Christmas party dress for #KDGIRLS in any shape and a snip at £110.

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