KD Bespoke Bridesmaids for the Murphy girls

KIRSTY DOYLE Bespoke Bridesmaids


Kate & Chris171

I met Emma Murphy and her sister Kate (the bride-to-be) in June last year, they travelled from Staffordshire to meet with me and the tailors to discuss their dream bridesmaid gowns. In total there were 4 adult bridesmaids 1 mini-maid and two flower girls. Kate had chosen the colour emerald but she did have cream as an option. When we looked at the colour range and the time of year for her wedding and Kate and girls decided on a soft sage green.

I love making bespoke bridesmaid’s dresses as I am completely wedding obsessed. “Bespoke” (made-to-measure) means that this lovely lot had to travel up (around 2 hours here and back) to be fitted each time. From a toile to the final gown these dresses were tailored for each girl. As a rule for us, we leave the fittings for the mini-maids and flowergirls closer to the big day as they have a tendency to shoot up! So we didn’t meet the mini-maids in all of their cuteness until the wedding day as their fittings had been carried out by the mother of the bride (super talented).

Kate & Chris183When I arrived in Staffordshire for the dressing of the bridesmaids on the wedding day, the grounds of the household had been prepared ready for the wedding to take place. I was lucky enough to get a sneek peak at the dressed marquee with the bride and groom’s initials in lights on the disco dancefloor. Kate had gone for a chic cream decor with highlights of the same soft sage on the tables.

Kate & Chris303

What I loved about this group of maids was how close they were as a family, the photographer Samantha Jane, www.samantha-j.co.uk has captured this perfectly in her shots of the sisters together. These type of shots capture a moment, a memory of such a special day.

Kate & Chris372

For more information on our Bespoke Bridesmaid service email info@kirsty-doyle.com



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