Kirsten Lynch’s Bespoke Bride Album.





If you remember reading Kirsten’s post I did when she got married to Michael you might remember the special detail that Kirsten used to live on the same street of me, we were childhood friends. My mum made and beaded her communion gown and then I asked my mum to bead the bust on her wedding gown.

Kirsten wanted to go 1920’s style, art deco in her wedding gown. We decided on a white silk crepe back satin fabric for the dress which had a 4m train and Swarovski and pearl beading to be done by hand under the bust and around to the back.  The drama of the dress was in the back, carefully draped Swarovski pearls made a stunning detail that lead the eye down to the scooped out back and the full train. Kirsten had a hidden loop to tie the train up when she took to the dancefloor with her little twins, Daisy and Tom.

The one part of the look that didn’t decide on was the veil, this is the exciting part of having a dress designed for you. Towards the end of the bespoke process you can see how the  dress takes shape and veils do depend on the shape, style and detail of the dress. We made a toile veil for Kirsten to try, a toile means a mock-up. We tried the veil long and then trimmed it until it finished at the bottom of the spine. This was the perfect length for the perfect dress.

I dressed Kirsten on the day of her wedding and my mum came along to assist me with steaming and pressing the gown. This was such a special moment for us to be part of, as it is for every day dressing the bride in her gown which has taken months in the planning. But both of knowing Kirsten since we were tiny had extra emotions attached.

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