My weekend in pictures.




I spent my weekend in Amsterdam staying with friends. I have been before but it is always different when you stay with people who live where you are visiting. You are less like a tourist and more like a resident. On Saturday we all ventured off to a field in the middle of nowhere to go to Welcome to the Future. This festival was tiny compared to the giant that is Glastonbury, but it was full of tanned gorgeous Dutch people, all super friendly.

On the last day we spent it wandering the cosmopolitan streets of Amsterdam looking at the flower stalls and canals. I love the fact that we had a completely different experience this time, the bars were so much better when we had someone leading the way. We stayed outside of the centre in a small village in a beautiful Grand Designs-esque house which was the perfect tranquil escape after a day at a festival.



I must admit though, I have two of Jessica Doyle’s printed silk kimono’s that are perfect for city breaks/festivals/cover-ups these were the perfect wardrobe staple for a warm weekend away. It is always difficult trying to predict what people are going to wear when you go to a new city, styles and trends constantly evolve. These silk pieces are an easy accessory to a black body con dress and my nike pumps for day time exploring.



What did you get up to last weekend?


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