The Great Gatsby – wedding teaser.




We are so excited to see The Great Gatsby – even more so after seeing this picture of the wedding scene.

Wishing we could see more of the dresses!

What do you think of the style – try to sum it up in one word…





Today I am wearing KD navy cropped trousers with a cream jersey tee. We have a full day of bespoke appointments in the studio so I need to be smart/casual.

Accessorise the look with rose gold stilettos and a navy and silver neck piece.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

Summer Skincare with Angelique…


Summer is fast approaching and as the weather changes (hopefully) and we go away to sunnier climates our skin starts to change, which means we must keep up our beauty regime. We had a chat with skincare and beauty specialist Angelique Bray to get her top tips on perfect summer skin and what products we should be using this season.


Summer skin regime…

During the Summer it is super important to keep the skin hydrated especially whilst in the sun, using additional hydrating serums containing Hyaluronic acid or capsules that you can add to your daily routine rather than changing all your products.

Use Vitamin C daily to build up your own natural protection for the skin so that cells are less likely to be vulnerable towards change.

Also ensure that you also have at least a SPF 15 on your face daily and higher when in stronger sun exposure.

Achieving that Summer glow…

A Summer glow can be achieved all year round by ensuring the right vitamins are in the skin and your skin is hydrated and healthy. Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week and use a hydrating  or Vitamin C mask. I would recommend Environ C-Quence Energising or Exfoliating Hydrating Masque. Finish off with a hydrating capsule, such as Environ Hydrating Oil capsules.


Beach ready skin…

Is very similar to keeping your skin in a healthy condition all year round. Start preparing before you have even touched the sand, take oral supplements to supply the nutrition to the skin internally. When you get to the beach you are going to be exposed to the elements, the sun and the wind are not skin friendly. So you want your skin to be protected by pre-using Vitamin C on the skin and using a good and high SPF whilst at the beach. It is also important that you carry on looking after your skin after the beach, by using a soothing face mask to keep your skin hydrated.

Remember a great way of keeping you and your skin hydrated is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It is a cheap but really affective way.


Important products…

Skincare is about giving your skin what it needs and what it is asking for. Skincare is bespoke, everyones skin is different. There is no point using a £200 moisturiser if it is the wrong one for your skin type.

If you have relatively normal skin these products will repair, rejuvenate and enhance your skin. A Clarisonic Brush made by the people who make the Sonicare toothbrush, it cleans 6 times deeper than manual cleansing allowing your products to penetrate into the skin 60% deeper.

Environ C-Boost is a fabulous Vitamin C serum to use daily, building protection for the skin and bring the brightness and glow that we all crave. The Environ AVST Moisturiser delivers Vitamin A to the skin in stages and helps moisturise, normalise and repair any damaged skin. A really fabulous brightening and hydrating mask is Guinot Instant Radiance Moisturising Mask, it really makes a difference to your skin. Finally Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules, if used 2-3 times a week before bed is a fabulous way to boost your skin, and get it in that perfect condition we all desire.


Studio Loves



Everyone needs a few days away to refresh and reboot. I enjoyed a fabulous couple of days in Southern Spain going from 25 degree heat in Granada up above the clouds to the Sierra Nevada mountains. You can see from the picture how I underestimated this impromptu road trip up to the mountains.

Now I am back and ready to work on the current collections and all of our amazing Summer weddings.

Have a wonderful day. Kirsty x

#studioloves: Queen B’s fierce tour outfits

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The wait is over, Queen B has returned and guess what she hasn’t disappointed…

Over recent years tour outfits are becoming a hot topic, just look at the coverage the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and the Spice Girls have gained over the years.


Beyonce kicked off her Mrs Carter tour a couple of nights ago in Belgrade, Serbia. She came back with a bang, and her choice of outfits only helped. There was a lot of flesh, sequins and sparkles on show  and you can’t deny Ms Knowles’ rocked everyone of her outfits.


She drafted in designers such as Julien Macdonald, DSquared2, Ralph & Russo and Emilio Pucci’s  creative director Peter Dundas to contribute towards her show stopper tour.

So are you loving Beyonce’s tour outfits as much as us?