The Hoedown!


My name is Kirsty Doyle and together with Libby Mackay and Jess Doyle we have set ourselves a target of raising £4,000 to help the children of Cambodia this summer. The 3 of us are travelling to Cambodia by our own means but want to be able to take supplies with us on the trip to support the street children of Phnom Penh, leaving a donation to help with essential food supplies and clothes for these children.

Together we will be working in an orphanage in Phnom Penh, using our creative skills to engage with the street children who have never had the opportunity to play, paint a picture, read and have simple creative fun.

Barn Dance 2012 is taking place on 10th May at The Picket in Liverpool and we are asking that you try to support this event however you feel you can.

Come along!

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