Bespoke Bridal.


Here is a shot from our beautiful bride Lisa who got married in December 2010. Lisa was our first bespoke bride, she knew exactly what she wanted and we helped her realise her dreams.

Lisa brought with her the most stunning intricately designed lace from Soho in London, she wanted us to incorporate the lace into the dress. We decided on a asymmetrical design with a draped skirt and train, this showed off the lace to its full potential by using the scalloped edges for the sleeve, neck and under bust. We complemented the lace with a satin backed crepe, this gave the dress its fluidity and elegance – to use anything heavier would have made this a different dress entirely.

Lisa arranged her appointments around her work schedule – she is an experienced make-up artist and also works in MAC cosmetics in the city centre. We began Lisa’s fittings with a toile dress (practice dress) this allows the bride to visualise her dress and to see how the shape works, if there is anything she would like to change/alter. Sometimes when making a bespoke dress the bride has never actually tried this shape dress on before so rather than going straight into the silks, a toile dress is always better for trimming, pinning or writing notes on.

Once the toile is realised and final measurements taken we then go into final fabrics, in this case the satin back crepe. It is important at this stage for the bride to wear the correct underwear as this will give the dress the shape and overall look for the day. Sometimes the bride needs seamless underwear or hidden bra straps – whatever it may be it is best to get this sorted at this stage of the dress fittings.

After many fittings and alterations the final dress is finished. No matter how much planning and prepping you can’t predict the weather – for Lisa it snowed and snowed. Looking at the pictures however this made for the most picturesque background and fairytale scenes.

We will have a short interview with Lisa on the experience of a having a Bespoke Bridal gown so pop back later in the week to see her point of view!


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